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Consequences of a full roof tearoff and why a repair may make sense.

Some roofers say that if more than 20% of a roof is wet or has other issues, then the entire roof must be replaced. In line with that thinking, I have read in industry magazines that 80% of all roofing material taken to the dump is dry.

There are consequences to a total tearoff.

The Cost of a Total Tearoff

First, of course, is the cost. Say you have a 100,000 Square Foot roof and only 30% needs to be replaced. Current ball park numbers for total roofing system replacement are about $20.00 per square foot. That is a $2 Million dollar job. If you only need to replace 30 per cent of the roof, that is $600,000. I may be able to save you a lot of money.

A Total Tearoff May Cost More Than Just the Roof

There are other consequences. Some municipalities have code standards that require updating the roof insulation to current code if you replace the entire roof. Thus, if you have to increase the thickness of the insulation, you may have to rebuild all roof penetrations: curbing, parapets and other penetrations. That will add substantially to the cost over and above the cost of just the roof repair.

How do you find out if the total removal and replacement is necessary? Call Western UAS to discuss your needs.



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