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Why Thermography?

Drone Aerial Infrared Roof Thermal Imaging can Save You Money

Infrared Locates Roof Leaks That Can't Be Seen By The Naked Eye.

You need to have an idea of where the leaks in the roofing system are. The safest and fastest is a drone-mounted thermal imager. I have watched numerous YouTube videos where roofers unnecessarily cut holes in the membrane looking for leaks. Using a drone-mounted thermal imager, I can produce a non-destructive image of the roof that shows anomalies (which often indicate water in the roof system). Those anomalies are then destructively tested for moisture by a roofer.

What Tools Do You Need to Make an Informed Decision?


Is your roof leaking?

Is your roof leaking_

Is your roof more than 5 years old?

Is your roof more than 5 years old_

Should you coat the roof or replace it?

Should you coat the roof or replace it_

Thermal Roof Inspections

Save Money & Protect Your Investment

Infrared thermography roof inspection allows you to pinpoint leaks and other problem areas so you can make the best repair or replacement decisions for your situation.

Are you up to date on supply chain issues?

Are you up to date on supply chain issues_

Do you know the cost and warranty differences?

Do you know the cost and warranty differences_

Some roofers say that if more than 20% of a roof is wet or has other issues, then the entire roof must be replaced. In line with that thinking, I have read in industry magazines that 80% of all roofing material taken to the dump is dry.


There are consequences to a total tearoff. First, of course, is the cost. Say you have a 100,000 Square Foot roof and only 30% needs to be replaced.

Does a Repair Make More Sense than a Replacement?

A Scan Can Help You Determine What is the Most Cost-Effective Option


Consequences of a Full Roof Tearoff

There are other consequences. Some municipalities have code standards that require updating the roof insulation to current code if you replace the entire roof. Thus, if you have to increase the thickness of the insulation, you may have to rebuild all roof penetrations: curbing, parapets and other penetrations. That will add substantially to the cost over and above the cost of just the roof repair.


How do you find out if the total removal and replacement is necessary? Call Western UAS to discuss your needs.

Training & Experience You can Trust

What training is necessary to fly a drone and interpret the imagery?

Building science education and training is necessary to understand the complexities of buildings.

An FAA Part 107 Certification is required to fly a drone for clients. Then, at least a Level I thermographer certification is a starting point. I have had more than 5 years of experience flying drones. I have more than 3 years of experience interpreting thermal images. In addition, I have training and experience in building science.


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How an Infrared Scan will Catch What Walking the Roof Misses

How an Infrared Scan will Catch What Walking the Roof Misses

Tell Us About Your Roof

Thanks for sending us the information about your roof. This helps us understand your project so we can better assist. We will be reaching out to you soon. Our number is 509-638-7198. We look forward to speaking with you.

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