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Thermal Roof Inspections

Your roof makes up about 1/3 of your building. 

30% of your commercial building protects 100% of your assets 

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The various weather conditions in Western states can put a lot of stress on the integrity of the structure and make a small leak a big problem.

Save Money & Protect
Your Investment

Infrared thermography roof inspection
allows you to pinpoint leaks and other problem areas so you can make the best repair or replacement decisions for your situation.

Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

Ridging & Splitting

Ridging & Splitting

Roof Puncture




Open Seams

Open Seams

Roof Shrinkage


Hail Damage

Hail Damage

Blow Off & Billowing

Blow Offs & Billowing

Common Problems Affecting Commercial Roofs

  1. Exposure to the sun, inclement weather, heavy winds, etc.

  2. Structural movement (aka thermal movement)

  3. Ponding water

  4. Rust/corrosion (specifically on metal roofs)

  5. Punctures, cracks, and tears (usually caused by severe weather, mechanical damage, or foot traffic)

  6. Debris, dirt, and other surface contaminants

  7. Biological growth

  8. Shrinkage

  9. Poor installation

  10. Neglecting maintenance

What we check during a thermal
commercial roof inspection.

The human eye is limited in what it can detect. A visual roof inspection can’t see moisture that’s begun to seep into the substrate. It can’t see thermal defects, and can’t detect hot or cold spots that can indicate a bigger problem. Thermography (also known as infrared scanning) can.

Beyond a Visual Inspection

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Issues a Thermography Scan Reveals

  • Roof drains/accumulated debris

  • Ponding water

  • Hot or cold points

  • Holes in the substrate

  • Cracks

  • Blisters

  • Uplifted seams

  • Uplifted nails and/or shingles

  • And much more

Roof Replacement Should
Be a Last Resort

Some roofers say that if more than 20% of a roof is wet or has other issues, then the entire roof must be replaced. Industry magazines report that 80% of all roofing material taken to the dump is dry.

Fixing the Roof

Replacement is Expensive

Lumber shortages have caused roofing system replacements to skyrocket. Say you have a 100,000 Square Foot roof and only 30% needs to be replaced.


Current ballpark numbers for total roofing system replacement are about $20.00 per square foot. That is a $2 Million dollar job. If you only need to replace 30 percent of the roof, that is $600,000.


We may be able to save you a lot of money.

Lumber Selection at Hardware Store

Long Wait
Times ​

Supply Chain constraints have contributed to a dramatic increase in lead times to get a roof replaced.


If your roof needs repairs instead of replacement, you are more likely to be able to address the issues more quickly

Cargo Shipping Containers
Insulation Installation in Room

Slippery Slope to Scope Creep

Depending on your local building codes, a full replacement might make it necessary for you to update more than just your roof.


Some municipalities have code standards that require updating the roof insulation to current codes if you replace the entire roof.


Thus, if you have to increase the thickness of the insulation, you may have to rebuild all roof penetrations: curbing, parapets and other penetrations. That will add substantially to the cost over and above the cost of just the roof repair.


Western UAS is Here to Help!

Save Money & Protect Your Investment

Infrared thermography roof inspection allows you to pinpoint leaks and other problem areas so you can make the best repair or replacement decisions for your situation.

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Experience & Industry Expertise You Can Depend On

Be Wary of "Free" 

Many roofing companies offer free commercial roof inspections. These inspections are frequently no-obligation and give commercial roof contractors the opportunity to show building owners their expertise and value.


However, where many – if not most – contractors differ from each other is the quality of the free inspection they offer. Fly-by-night or less-than-stellar roofing companies may perform roof inspections that are quick or hardly comprehensive in order to increase their number of bids within an area or seemingly maximize their time. 


Any roof inspection that is done too quickly or by someone who doesn’t have training and experience in building science can spell disaster for a building owner’s needs.

After all, if a roof’s issues or developing problems are not identified, then what will prevent those issues from arising in the short-run or long-run?

Get a Clear Image of Your Entire Roof

  • Faster (30 minutes instead of 6 hours)

  • Safely inspect hard-to-reach areas

  • Non-destructive. Core samples are only needed to verify anomalies.

  • A thermal imager allows us to check for saturation, moisture.

  • Better data. Get a clear picture of the health of your entire roof.

  • Plan your project accurately and save time and money.

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What We Inspect

  • The building envelope

  • Exterior walls

  • Roof perimeter, fascia/coping

  • Roof surface condition, rust/corrosion, ponding water, granule loss, etc. 

  • Penetrations (chimneys, vents, skylights, exhaust fans, etc.)

  • Drainage system (gutters, downspouts, scuppers, etc.)

  • Roof-based accessories and equipment 

  • Flashing

  • Lightning protection systems

  • Pitch pans

  • Roof vents

What You'll Get 

  • Free initial consultation

  • Scan with an expert drone operator

  • Detailed report of findings compiled by skilled, experienced thermographers.

  • The information you need to make the smartest decision to protect your invesment.

Save Time & Money 

  • Identify issues invisible to the naked eye that would be missed on a walk-inspection.

  • Repair, recoat, recover, or replace.

  • Pinpoint problem areas

  • Add years to the life of your existing roof.

Drone floating

Who Needs a Scan?

In short, if you have a commercial building with a roof, you need a scan.

Fixing the Roof

  • Property owners

  • Schools

  • Commercial real estate investors

  • Cold storage warehouses

  • Banks

Give us a call.
We promise to take excellent care of you.

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