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Why drone inspections are cheaper, easier and faster than electronic leak detection

"Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) is a quality-control test that pinpoints breaches, holes, and seam voids in roofing and waterproofing membranes. TruGround Conductive Primer by Detec Systems was specifically created to enable low voltage and high voltage ELD testing of conventional roofing assemblies."

The process required to perform an electronic leak detection test consists of the following:

  1. apply leak detection substrate material just before the membrane is laid down.

  2. apply membrane.

  3. perform any leak testing with the proprietary tester.

Imagine that your roof is 100,000 square feet. AT 1,500 square feet per 5 gallon container, that is about 70 5 gallon containers. Cost per container is $675 plus freight. that's $67,500 for the material. then there is the time for application. And, the equipment to test for leaks is $14,000.

When looking for leaks, the entire roof must be walked with their proprietary tester. That could take hours. According to a Carlisle representative, this is best used for new roofing systems.

To put that in perspective, I can use a drone with a thermal imager and survey the entire roof in about 30 minutes. Typical costs for an aerial drone survey for a 100,000 square foot roof run about $5,000.

Call me at 509-638-7198 if I can help you with this decision.


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