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Thermal Roof Inspections

Save Money & Protect Your Investment

Infrared thermography roof inspection allows you to pinpoint leaks and other problem areas so you can make the best repair or replacement decisions for your situation.

Who Needs a Thermographer?

Who Needs a Thermographer?





Students and staff in a building put thousands of gallons of airborne water into a school building each week. Water migration can compromise the life of school structures.



Like with school buildings, church buildings must withstand the airborne moisture created by parishioners if the venting systems become overwhelmed. High moisture levels can lead to mold and can compromise the structure and lead to costly repairs.


Commercial Properties

Roof leaks can cause roofs to become thermally deficient, break down the building structural integrity or reduce the operating life of the roof system. 


Cold Storage Warehouses

Common problems like leaves clogging drains, damaged flashing, standing water, and other issues can lead to higher energy costs and leaks that will damage your investment.

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Non-Destructive, Precision Thermal Infrared Thermography Helps You PinPoint Problem Areas

As professional thermographers, we can provide high-quality drone aerial roof infrared thermal imaging inspections throughout the Northwest US. We perform an aerial roof infrared thermal imaging inspection after sunset. Then we provide a report with regular and infrared thermal images. Western UAS drone aerial roof infrared inspection services provide high quality and resolution that sets us apart from our competition. 

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Western UAS provides drone services in the Western states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Northern California.

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